When This Lil’ Wyvern Grows Up

Photo from clipinterpreting.com

Photo from clipinterpreting.com

Learning ASL (American Sign Language) is becoming my new life-changing, time-consuming passion. In terms of this blog, and my belly dancing practice — no worries! Nothing has changed. Regarding my feelings of self-worth and self-satisfaction, however…this is epic.

Image from educationcareerarticles.com

Image from educationcareerarticles.com

Now I’m not just watching episodes of Switched at Birth. I’m watching online ASL lessons by Dr. Bill Vicars every single day. I’m looking for Deaf meetups in my area. I’m searching for good sign language programs in local colleges. Someday, several years from now, I’m going to be an interpreter.

Right now I’m working on entering the field of public relations (PR). It’s a field where I can make good use of my passion for storytelling and writing. What I’m dreaming about is a career where I can combine both PR and ASL. Maybe I could promote Deaf cultural events with PR, and then interpret for the people who attend!


Anyway, here’s a funny video of an extremely awkward conversation. It’s acted out in sign language, and it’s set to the song “Jenny” by Flight of the Conchords.

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