Tuesday Tips: Piston Hips and Fingerboarding

This week’s installment of Tuesday Tips features that same lovely lady we saw on Sunday, Irina Akulenko, but this time, she’s teaching belly dance instead of performing!

Remember when I introduced Tiazza Rose and her freebellydanceclasses.com website? Well, these instructional videos are much cleaner and quicker. Irina gets right down to business, no waffling, no fluff. She might not be quite as relentlessly thorough with the moves as Tiazza, but she gets the job done. A breath of fresh air, really, for someone who wants to chow down on instructional videos and learn the most moves in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s a good example. Really easy to follow. White background doesn’t let anything distract you from the lesson. And of course, in previous videos, she had already broken down the moves you’re seeing in this one: snake arms and piston hips.

This YouTube channel, HowcastArtsRec, has a lot of really fun videos, not just on belly dance. They have everything from magic to soldering to fingerboarding!

No, seriously. Fingerboarding. Check this out:

I’m not the only one with a neat hobby!

I got a little backed up this week and had to make the Monday and Tuesday posts on the same day, so I haven’t progressed much in my training in the half hour since I made my last post. (You’re shocked — I know.) I’m so close to 20 hours, it’s really tempting to just go that extra hour, but this lady needs her sleep. Till next time!

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