Music Monday: Out of the Question!

What kind of song is completely unreasonable to belly dance to? Does such a thing exist? Where do we draw the line between fusion and fracaso (failure)?

There are plenty of videos out there to suggest that the pros can take just about any song and rock it with this dance style.

…But what about, say, Tuvan throat singing?

Not too rhythmic. A lot of the time he’s just holding a single note. What might a belly dancer do with that?


Or how about classical? What if someone were to attempt a belly dance to the Moonlight Sonata?

Maybe a tribal dancer could make something of it, since they tend to go for slower pieces anyway. Would it end up being a snooze or a hit?


Could a belly dancer of any caliber do something with this?

I mean, sure, there’s a beat there. That’s pretty much all you need. But, man, kudos if you can dance to something with Miley Cyrus and Joan of Arc facing off without getting hopelessly distracted.


Or how about this? Ylvis doing a strange cross between a musical love song and dubstep? (Warning: Not for the faint of heart.)

Yeah. Maybe the question here isn’t whether a belly dancer could rock this kind of music, but rather…does this count as music? Hehe. (Great parody, no doubt, but you get my point.)


So what do you think? Is there any genre of music that makes no sense to belly dance to? Any style that’s downright impossible to belly dance to, whether because it doesn’t really have a beat, or it’s too slow, or you just can’t wrap your brain around the fact that the song even exists because it’s too darn weird?

Countdown to Belly Dance Mastery: 9,981 hours

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