Fusion Friday: Sim City Societies!

I’m starting work on my first choreographed dance! It’d be a little silly of me to try to come up with a meaningful dance while listening to lyrics I don’t understand, so I’m not starting out with traditional belly dance music (which tends to be in Arabic). Instead, I’m using a song that’s beautiful, has no lyrics, and has a theme that speaks to me. You’re never going to guess what I’ve chosen…

Fusing belly dance with my love of computer games. Someday I’ll choreograph a dance that includes dragon imagery, as well.

This song is the theme music you get when you build an authoritarian city. It’s supposed to evoke images of military might, Big Brother, oppression, secret police, and brainwashing. You can hear the stomps of combat boots, the clang of metalworking, percussion, organs, violins, and more. To imagine the scene, think of V for Vendetta, if you’ve seen that.

V for Vendetta movie poster

V for Vendetta movie poster

For the actual dance, I want to tell a story with it. A struggle of imprisonment and escape, hard labor and sweet moments of freedom. I’ll incorporate elements that regularly remind the audience of the unrelenting eye of the government, and the fear of pursuit and retribution. I’m not sure how I’ll end it, yet.

Despite the dark mood of this dance, I’m predicting it’ll be a lot of fun. Hard work, though. I’ve never choreographed something this complex before. Plus, the song is six minutes long! That’s a long time to be dancing continuously. I probably should have picked something shorter and less meaningful for my first dance, but I’ve always been ambitious.

I’ve been working on this for almost two hours now, and I’m still only part way through the beginning. Yeesh. I’m starting to get sick of playing this song over and over again, even though it’s one of my favorites. Better stop before I burn out!

Countdown to Belly Dance Mastery: 9,983 hours

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