Spotlight: Nataly Hay

Hey guys! So I’m experimenting with ideas for how to structure this blog. I’m thinking it’d be really fun to have a “Spotlight” section on Wednesdays, where I focus on one truly awesome dancer.

Today’s Spotlight is going to shine on Nataly Hay, an Israeli belly dancer. Despite being from Israel, she gives off this Latina vibe that I’m really digging. Check out this video of her performing a drum solo (my favorite, as you know). It almost seems like she has voguing influence (from Vogue magazine, a dance style that became mainstream in the new millennium but has a history dating back several decades). She makes these poses during her dance with rigid arms, and she also frames her face on occasion — elements found also in voguing. I’d love to be able to ask her if my intuition is correct.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with voguing, here’s a great introduction. It’s not just about the dance. Justin Gutierrez tells you about what it’s like to be one of these dancers, what the culture and lifestyle are like.

I think I first learned about voguing in a gender studies class, but I’m not sure. It could easily have been something in a cultural anthropology class. Voguing definitely has a lot to do with LGBT culture (LGBTQIA? not sure what the current up-to-date PC acronym is) and cross-dressing, which you’ll definitely pick up on if you watch the video.

I’m sure this style isn’t for everyone, but neither is belly dancing. It’s great to explore new avenues of dance at the same time that I’m studying my passion. Also, I’m into the idea of doing fusion belly dance. Incorporating cool moves from other dance styles will make my belly dancing that much stronger and spicier. (Hopefully people won’t think I’m just appropriating their culture, instead of appreciating it for what it is!)

Countdown to Belly Dance Mastery: 9,985 hours

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