It’s Official – Men Can Belly Dance, Too!

One look at this man, and I know you’ll believe me. Men can belly dance. God DAMN, is he good or what? Plus, he’s doing my favorite kind of belly dance: the drum solo!

Not only can men belly dance, but we’ve also just busted the stereotype that belly dancers must have long hair! That’s a win for me, and for all you short-haired hopefuls out there.

According to a quick Wikipedia search, male belly dancing is not at all uncommon in the Middle East. This is a social dance style used at parties and such, and all ages, genders, and body types are welcome!

That’s one great thing about belly dancing: it suits all body types, whether you’re tall or short, thin or curvy, weak or strong. It builds confidence, makes you feel good, and keeps you healthy. (If you have the right posture, it won’t hurt your lower back.)

I’m about to start my hour of practice for today. Going to take a page out of Zadiel’s book and work on my drum solo. Aww yeah, let the fun begin! By the end of this, I’ll be up to ten hours of practice – a (modest) milestone!

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