Drums and Lotus Hands

My drum solo practice last night was exhausting, but I found a great mix for that kind of music. Check this out. 50+ songs to dance until you drop!

The thing about drum solos is that all your movements have to be percussive, staccato. Sharp and quick and perfectly attuned to the music. That’s what appeals to me – it’s less about snake arms and more about tearing up the dance floor. After 15 minutes of free-styling, I was sweating and panting. After half an hour, I was done. I haven’t yet found the equivalent of a beginner drum solo song — if that even exists — so I’m just plunging head first into the hard stuff and making things up as I go.

So if I flopped over after half an hour, how did I fill up the rest of the allotted time? The way I usually do, by doing more YouTube research. I watched instructional videos on arm and hand movements.

Photo from freebellydanceclasses.com

Photo from freebellydanceclasses.com

…and I came across something called “Lotus Hands.”

I’ve seen this move before and always thought it was cool, but I had no idea how to do it. Now I get the concept: you hold the heels of your hands together, curl your fingers as if you’re gripping a ball, and then swirl your hands around without separating them.

Here’s Talia explaining the lotus hands technique with a perfectly simple and easy-to-understand method.

Now I’ve made it to 10 hours! Only 9,990 to go! Woo!

Countdown to Belly Dance Mastery: 9,990 hours

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