Behind the Blog, Meet the Author

What is my life actually about right now, besides this belly dance project? Not much, professionally. The post-grad reality: where entry-level jobs are laughably rare — if they even exist — and interviews are hard to come by.

Double-majored in Cultural Anthropology and Spanish. I actually just finished writing a senior honors thesis on trolling. Could you have imagined that was even possible? 110 pages on tomfoolery. I even earned Highest Honors for it. That’s what I love about anthropology. If you’re studying human behavior, then you can study anything you want. It’s all valid. I had a friend who studied a video game – Guild Wars 2 – for her thesis.

I’m also fluent in Spanish, which you may have guessed from my Spanish major. I learned it the hard way, as a second language, but I had a lot of luck and help along the way. My parents sent me off to live in Valparaiso, Chile (well, technically Viña del Mar) to learn the language. I stayed there four months before switching to Seville, Spain, where I lived for three months. Could not have become fluent without this immersion, I’m convinced.

You’ve probably been wondering — what exactly is a wyvern? It’s a two-winged, two-legged, single-tailed dragon usually seen in heraldry.

Drawing by Lowrider-Girl on DeviantArt

Drawing by Lowrider-Girl on DeviantArt

Why “Alison Wyvern”? Mostly because my real last name is not catchy, by any stretch of the imagination. (Although it is incredibly popular in Canada. There must be at least a dozen Canadian women with my same exact full name — first, middle, and last. Eerie.) Also because dragons are the best.

What’s the deal with this blog? What are my actual plans? I’m thinking I’ll alternate recording my way to belly dancing mastery and ruminating on various topics of interest / life experiences.

So. Belly-dancing and navel-gazing: two totally different activities, same part of the body. Let’s do this.

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