10,000 Hours to Belly Dance

Photo from bellydanceintensive.com

Photo from bellydanceintensive.com

Project Belly Dance

If you haven’t heard of Project Belly Dance, it’s a reality TV show where belly dancers from around the world competed to earn prizes that would jump-start their careers: tours, DVDs, costumes — the works. Two seasons of fun, talent, and a surprising lack of drama. That’s one of my favorite contestants, Sherena, to the right.

Now I’m taking inspiration from this show and making my own “project belly dance.” They say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything, no matter who you are or what you’re trying to master.

Let’s test that theory.

I’m Alison, white but not completely without rhythm. The only dance I’ve ever done was ballet, as a wee lass. Grew out of that once I realized the wonders of gymnastics. Grew out of that once I realized that my body is about as flexible as a moose. (Are you trying to imagine a moose contorting itself like a Cirque du Soleil performer? I am, and it’s pretty disturbing, gotta admit.)

My goal is to learn a sexy, powerful dance that requires less contortion and more shimmying. If I happen to make a fool of myself along the way, that’s fine by me! Embarrassing experiences make the best stories.

Tomorrow I’ll let you guys know more about the woman behind the blog, but for now, let’s start the countdown!

Countdown to Belly Dance Mastery: 10,000 hours

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